Individual guidance

We know that the artistic practice can be quite solitary, and when you’re not in a structured environment, such as an academy, personal and independent guidance is difficult to seek, ask or get.

Therefore, we’ve created the opportunity to book a personal session with a variety of professionals, that will be solely about your questions or practice.

In previous sessions, questions that were asked ranged from guidance on professionalization of the artistic practice, help with setting up a publication, create a coherent portfolio, curating an exhibition, feedback on work, writing an application, marketing possibilities and working with galleries.


You are most welcome in our Antwerp artspace, or have a session online. We can even visit you, if it’s in a 50km radius of Antwerp and you book a session of min. 3 hours.


Our mentors can give personal feedback on any aspect of your artistic practice. Moreover, they each have their own areas of expertise that can be of help with more specific questions. See who is available now here.

Yes, I want to book a session, what do I need to do?

Great, we are looking forward! To prepare the session, we ask you to formulate your question upfront. Just fill in the form below, choose your mentor and time of preference, and we will get back to you.

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