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Artist/Mother podcast

Type Podcast | Category Self-care, Parenthood

Interviews with artists who are mothers, plus a critique group program, retreats, and exhibitions.

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Artists Raising Kids Compendium

Type Document | Category Self-care, Parenthood

An essay, and summation of a survey and a series of interviews of parent-artists compiled by artist Andrew Simonet.

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Artists’ fee calculator

Type Tool | Category Business

The guideline for artists’ fees is a guide for both artists and institutes to arrive at a more professional contract and negotiation practice in non-selling exhibitions.

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Exhibition Payment: The a-n/AIR Paying Artists Guide

Type Publication | Category Business, Exhibiting

Exhibition Payment: The a-n/AIR Paying Artists Guide is for artists and exhibiting organisations This guidance is for artists and organisations, permanent or temporary organisations or projects in receipt of public funds for visual arts presentation to the public. This includes public programmes at (but is not exclusive to) galleries, museums, arts centres, studios, artist-led spaces and festivals.

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F̶a̶i̶r̶ Kin Arts Almanac

Type Publication | Category Rights and safety, Self Organisation, Self-care, Parenthood

This Almanac is circling around an essential working field of our society – the field of the arts. Mobilizing and voicing current issues from within the arts field to foster connectivity and relational perspectives of kin, this book addresses ecology, parenthood, the need to rest in a life that never stops, the urgency for space and infrastructure for artists, redistribution of resources, accessibility of the sector, artistic involvement in politics and much more.

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Author Justine Maxelon, Kobe Matthys, Nicolas Galaezzi (eds.) | ISBN 978-90-833501-4-1 |

Including the voices of more than 130 artists, writers, and activists spinning their thoughts and experiences into 12 chapters around a year, this almanac is a workbook for everyone concerned with making the arts a driving force for a better society.